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Counselling Zine: What children and young people want you to know about counselling at GenWest

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Mar 20, 2023

Counsellors interviewed young people about their experience of counselling and asked them what they think is most important for other children to know.

Illustration by a children's counselling client of a blue and white bird flying to the right and sits on a yellow background.

This zine was co-created by the Children’s and Youth Counselling team at GenWest and the children and young people who access the service.

Here is what they would like to pass on to you!

Download: Children's Counselling Zine

This zine was created by the children’s counselling team and reflects the experiences of a group of children who have received counselling at GenWest. The zine is specific to the GenWest program, and is relevant for professionals referring to the service, and children and their carers being referred.

“Counselling at GenWest is sometimes talking, but often it is playing, drawing, moving around, painting, craft, or lots of other creative things. Are there things that you like to make or do? Maybe you can tell your counsellor about something you would like to do or create together!”

GenWest Children’s and Youth Counselling team

How did you feel when you found out you would be coming to counselling?

“I felt nervous, excited and worried. I was worried that my thoughts were too scary and that if I told anyone it would make other people feel bad. But now I know the counsellors are here to help you and won’t judge you.”

- Amira 13 yrs

Illustration by a children's counselling client of a leopard, which is orange with black spots and sits on a lilac background.

How does making art and playing at GenWest make you feel?

“It makes me feel connected and it is actually fun. Talking about my feelings is like a foreign language to me. I feel like an alien. That is why I like doing things in counselling, like drawing or playing games.”

- Mathew, 11 yrs

Illustration by a children's counselling client of a blue and orange butterfly.

What would you like to say to young people who are about to start counselling?

“That if you are scared and worried the first time you can try and think about how you will feel better after counselling.”

- Lena, 8 yrs

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