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FARREP professional development training

Family and Reproductive Rights Education Program (FARREP) provides professional development training for health professionals, as well as other organisations and individuals upon request.

About the training

Training focuses on the social and cultural aspects of Female Genital Cutting (FGC), to improve how services support women and girls from countries where FGC has been traditionally practiced.

The professional training is divided into two 45 minute sessions and focuses on education about FGC and on how to best support community.

“In the training, I gained knowledge about the different types of FGC, legislation here in Victoria and how I can help the women that I provide care for.”

Student nurse at Sunshine Hospital, 2019

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The professional training is divided into two sessions:

Session one runs for 1 hour and focuses on:

  • General information about FGC
  • Types FGC
  • Countries in the world known to practice
  • The cultural and social aspects
  • Legalities of FGC around the world and in Australia
  • Legislation in Victoria

Session two runs for 45 minutes and focuses on:

  • How to best support community and women who have identified.
  • Discussing case studies
  • Role play
  • Tools for organisations and services to implement in the workplace
  • Question and answer time

Pre- and post-evolution sessions are done in both of these sessions to work out how much staff know about FGC and how much they have gained knowledge after the sessions.

At the end of this training the aim is that:

  • Staff and service providers are more comfortable in having sensitive conversations with the women and girls, or with the community, regarding FGC.
  • Services or organisations are safe and accessible for community women, women know that their needs are met, and they are comfortable and happy receiving care.
  • Better health outcomes are achieved for the community.

“I was able gain knowledge how I can support women and their children so that they can receive better health care. I was now able to recognise if FGC has taken place and understand the steps and guidelines to follow.”

Maternal Child Health Nurse at IPC Health, 2019

If you would like to hear further information about our training please give us a call on 1800 436 937 or contact our FARRAP Health Promotion Coordinator, Shukria, at

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