Health and wellbeing information for young people

Are you interested in learning more about self-image, healthy relationships and sexual wellbeing? Then you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re a young person from a LGBTIQA+ and/or diverse background, these resources can support you to feel safe, to be yourself, and to take up space.

We have created a series of videos, conversations on key topics and resources that can support you to:

  • Learn about and take care of your mental health
  • Understand that sexuality is fluid and our feelings, values, attitudes and experiences can evolve as we go through life
  • Prioritise your own positive sexual wellbeing
  • Develop the skills and awareness to maintain healthy relationships with friends, family, colleagues, the community – and yourself
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“Taking up space is reclaiming the narrative that was written for me. I am many things, and I will continue to be!”

Najma Sambul, Freelance Journalist, Writer, Community Advocate and Take Up Space Community Ambassador

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“To take up space means to challenge spaces that are majority white, speak on why these spaces don’t have diversity. Be there, invite more colour to the table and create a shift on how these spaces operate.”

Achut Thuc, Community Engagement Worker and Creative Writer

About Take Up Space

The project was first launched in 2021 to provide support for young people the through COVID-19 pandemic with education, community voices and support in their mental health and wellbeing, sexual wellbeing and relationships.

Take Up Space encourages young people to share their experiences with others and recognise that you are not alone.

Throughout this project, we focus on topics that are sometimes hard to talk about, like:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Sexual wellbeing
  • Healthy relationships

The project includes a video web series and resources that encourage young people to share their experiences with others and know they're not alone.

Working closely with members of the community, we have developed a series of resources that support young people in these areas. Together, we want to promote the voices of young people and encourage them to TAKE UP SPACE!

Take Up Space is a project created by GenWest which has been supported by funding from the Victorian Government.

Illustrations by Samantha Curcio.

Statement of solidarity

GenWest acknowledge with gratitude the past advocacy and resilience of movements for equity by the LGBTIQA+ community that continues to be fought for today. In solidarity, we express sorrow for past and ongoing prejudices, and are committed to shifting our approach, to be guided collectively by the unique and different ways in which the LGBTIQA+ community experience gender and identity discrimination and oppression.

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